Quran Lights

Visualize and boost your Quran Engagement

After you read any chapter of Quran remember to double click its cell here, the cell will take its maximum light, cell light will decay with time until you refresh it again, your history is cloud-stored and charts are updated accordingly, your history is accessible either from this web app or from Quran Lights iOS App, also you have a daily score and total score, score of any chapter equals number of characters in this chapter, this should motivate you to maintain Quran chapters and keep them fresh in your memory by preventing darkness from invading your green shiny cells :)

Actions on cells:
Click: Toggle Sura Selection (Sura Score Calculator)
Double Click: Refresh Sura.
Alt + Click: Toggle Sura Memorization mark ON/OFF
Shift + Click: Open Sura page at Ayat site

Keyboard shortcuts:
Ordering Quran Chapters:
Ctrl + L : Cell Light
Ctrl + N : Normal Order
Ctrl + C : Character Count
Ctrl + V : Verse Count
Ctrl + W : Word Count
Ctrl + R : Revalation order
Ctrl + F : Refresh Count

Ctrl + D: Deselect cells.


Quran Radar: Elapsed days per Surah since last refresh

Review Werd: Reviewed_Today / ((SUM(Memorized) / Memorized_inter-refresh_Light_Days)

Read Werd: Read_Today / ((SUM(Non_Memorized) / Light_Days)

Memorization Progress

Light Ratio: sum of light percentage of all cells

Lighting Cells Ratio: Percentage of cells within Light days

Khatma Progress

Daily Revenue

Monthlty Revenue

Yearly Revenue

Light days per month: days with non-zero balance

Dark days per month: days with zero balance

Coming Soon InshaAllah!
Coming Soon InshaAllah!
Coming Soon InshaAllah!
Order Chapters by:

Light Days:

Max inter-refresh period for memorized Suras:

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